Tadano Faun ATF 70G-4 Bluetec

All Terrain Tadano manufactures all-terrain cranes that are ideal for both on and off-road construction and industrial projects. Regardless of the location, temperature or climate, Tadano’s all-terrain cranes are just as reliable in bold new development projects as well as in meticulous maintenance operations on historical landmarks.

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Technical Information

Max. lifting capacity  70 t
Boom length  11.0-44 m
Boom extension  9.00 m / 16.0 m
Maximum hook height  61 m
Engine  Euromot IIIB, 320 kw (435 HP)
Transmission  ZF-AS-Tronic
Drive  8 x 6 x 8 (8 x 8 x 8 option)
Dimensions  (L) 12385mm x (W) 2660mm x (H) 3880mm
Counterweight  15t